How To Build Great B2B Content For Your Company

Olin Hyde
August 16, 2016

Any business worth their salt knows they have to focus on content marketing. Content marketing will always generate three times as many leads as traditional marketing, and it will cost less to do it. You can generate all kinds of leads for your company, including SEO and social media leads.

If you want to create more B2B sales this year, it’s time to focus on B2B content. Building up your archive will serve as a selling point for potential leads. Amplify your content marketing results by investing in this long-term strategy.

Make Time for a Strategy

Content creation is so much more than the time spent writing a blog. You need a strategy if you’re going to identify and target your primary audience. The biggest companies spend hours every single week figuring out their strategy for the upcoming week.

Putting off the time to strategize will lead to diminishing returns on your content. Figure out which niche to conduct your audience targeting, the keywords to insert, and how to execute your next blog series. Without a strategy you’re shooting in the dark.

Concentrate on Quality

The quality versus quantity argument has been in existence since content marketing became a thing. Nothing has changed because there are still so many companies opting to produce as much content as possible, rather than focusing on the quality of that content.

The more quantity you have the less valuable each piece is to your target audience. Rather than thinking about the number of articles you’re producing, think about consistency. The right amount of content differs depending on the company. It doesn’t matter how many pieces of content you’re producing just as long as you’re being consistent.

Be Interesting and Useful

Pushing your promotions and offers on your website is a perfectly valid way to make your loyal customers aware of some of the things you have available. This content isn’t useful to the majority and will only turn away the casual reader. It’s content that doesn’t enhance the lives of anyone else.

Your audience may appreciate special deals sometimes, but don’t make it a habit. These posts aren’t good for your long-term marketing campaign.

Think about how your content is creating value. Ask the following question: How is my content improving someone’s life?

Hire the Right People

Becoming the most productive content marketer possible is about having the right team around you. Hire smart to make sure you have every base covered. This is not an area where you should avoid hiring to save money. The right content specialist can pay dividends in the short-term and the long-term.

Think about the skills you have in your company and whether you can put them to good use. For example, you may have a great writer within the company, but if they are preoccupied with other tasks it makes sense to hire another writer. Weigh up whether you can spare your in-house staff to handle content creation

So how do you hire the right people?

Reach out to your friends and partners in business. Ask them for recommendations. Search on Upwork and look for individuals with solid experience and high ratings. Anyone you do hire should be placed on a probationary period, so you can easily fire them and try again if they don’t work out. Also, decide whether you want to hire someone full-time or rely on freelancers.

Balance Evergreen Content

There are two types of content you need to take into account when promoting your services on the Internet. You have evergreen content and you have current content. Current content ages like milk, whereas evergreen content ages like a fine wine. To make the content archive of your company valuable you should balance evergreen content and current content.

You won’t find any hard and fast rules for what the right balance is. This is something you have to experiment with. The more social media-orientated your company the more current content you will have. Companies in smaller niches tend to lead with evergreen content because they don’t necessarily have much current content to write about.

Last Word – Change Your Strategy

These tips are going to help you to improve your content marketing efforts. But you have to change your strategy on a regular basis if you’re going to keep up with the latest online marketing changes. Google alters the rules all the time. Your target audience is evolving all the time.

Schedule a meeting a few times every year to review your current strategy. Use big data to discover whether your content is still as effective as it should be.

Which type of content do you think is the most effective for B2B sales?

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