How To Generate More B2B Sales For The Rest Of This Year

Olin Hyde
July 22, 2016

2016 is a year where B2B selling has changed again. If you want to get more sales, you need to make sure you are moving with the times. Every business needs the tools to convert a potential customer into a hot lead, including high converting landing pages and a clear sales pitch.

Strong digital marketing tactics will generate B2B sales. This guide is going to introduce you to four strategies you should employ to improve your company’s prospects.

Stop Telling So Many Stories

The perfect entrepreneur knows they have to tell a story if they are going to have B2B audience targeting that is engaging. The problem is so often they’re not keeping their target audience engaged because they’re telling too many stories. Yes, it may be entertaining, but you’re here to sell something.

Work and play are becoming blurred and more and more businesspeople are carrying around their work with them. The Pew Research Center says that 30% of workers have never known work without the convenience of email.

Yes, you need to entertain and engage, but you also need to inform. Think about how you’re convincing your target audience to make a purchase from you.

Be Authentic on Social Media

Your touch on social media is what keeps everything personal. To growth hack your social media strategy, you should create great content and get it seen through your personal touch. Don’t just automate everything because people are going to notice.

Another point you have to take into account is that pointless and mundane updates do have a place. They demonstrate that you’re human. A silly picture of someone in the office wearing a funny hat on Casual Friday can do a lot to break things up.

Automation does have a place, but bear in mind that you have to add a personal touch. Social media is not just one big sales pitch. It’s a place to showcase your company culture and showcase what you’re all about. Always keep things real.

Turn the Lurkers into Leads

More and more people are placing the user experience as their top priority. The millennial generation have created something called the experience economy. The experience economy is important because it’s the idea that a decision to make a purchase is made because of what it gives back to the buyer.

But how do you show the power of your brand experience?

You need to provide some sort of demo. Give people an insight into what a product can do. Sometimes a product isn’t suited to an online demo, but the next best thing is a video demonstration. Figure out all the different ways in which you can provide a ‘try before you buy’ option.

It’s the easiest way to turn lurkers into real buyers.

Get Back Faster

Faster respond times are an important part of showing customers that you care. Another facet to faster response times is holding the attention of people. For B2B firms, these two facets go together.

Too often people are put into a situation where they are interested in a product and they ask a question. It takes 24 hours for them to receive the answer.

Since the person in question was only browsing casually, they have already forgotten who you were and why they were interested in the first place. You may have even already lost out to a competitor.

Businesses want to get things done now. They can’t afford to wait for you to get back to them a few hours from now. Do your best to reply to emails as quickly and promptly as possible.

Are these the only benefits?

No. Everything is a battleground in the B2B world. Everything can turn into a competition between companies selling similar products. One of those aspects is customer service. A company with a great level of customer service can win business even if it has an inferior product.

The modern buyer wants everything right now. The better you treat them the more likely they are to make a purchase.


These four tactics are going to help you to generate more B2B leads over the rest of this year. Which tactic do you think is the most effective at engaging your target market?

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