How to Generate Solid Leads On Facebook in 2016

Olin Hyde
April 13, 2016

Take Facebook in 2016 and this is an extremely different landscape. Organic reach has been crippled, with the firm Locowise reporting that organic reach is down to just 2.6%. It goes by many names, but Filtered Feed is something that has completely changed the world of lead gen on Facebook. There are those who believe that businesses have no place on this network any longer.

But this isn’t the case. You can still use Facebook to great effect, if you are willing to change your strategy and you know what you’re doing.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Facebook is an interesting beast because it’s still full of businesses posting regular page updates hoping to reach a new audience. When this doesn’t happen, they recoil in shock and horror. What you shouldn’t do on Facebook is use the Boost Post feature or rely on organic reach.

Even when selling to businesses, this is a pay to play world. Facebook have been pushing the idea that you have to pay to reach your target market for years now, and they’ve won comprehensively. But you need to be paying to play in the right places.

Does Conventional Facebook Posting Still have a Place?

It’s easy to look at the lack of organic reach and to believe that conventional Facebook status updates no longer have a place on your feed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter how you attract leads, you have to give them something to look at.

Most of your interactions may take place privately, but they are not going to happen by magic. A prospect is going to look at your Facebook page to see what value you have to them first. Only then are they going to connect to you.

Continue to post valuable content on Facebook, but don’t become disheartened because the engagement is extremely low. Despite the lack of comments and shares, people are lurking and they are looking at what you’re posting.

Use the Power Editor

Facebook has established that if you want to reach your target audience you have to pay to play. This is something that you are going to have to accept. It’s working in the same way as using Twitter for B2B leads. You have to use the paid options on offer.

But when you enter Facebook’s advertising platform, make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser so you have access to the Power Editor. This is Facebook’s dedicated advertising area. It gives you more options than the conventional Ads Manager, and you can better track the results you are getting.

The Power Editor can even be combined with independent ads management programs in order to get even more from your testing efforts.

Tracking, Refining, and Connecting

Like the movie Moneyball, it’s all about the data. You need to be tracking and constantly split testing to make sure you are hitting your target demographic. You should already have an idea of your perfect customer in mind before you get started with this.

So how are you going to actually connect with these businesses?

It all starts with actually attracting them. The only way you are going to get anything from your ads is by them getting in touch with you. They may connect on your page or they may send you a message. Once you have started talking to them, advance the relationship quickly and try to establish some form of interaction outside of Facebook, such as a Skype chat.

Finding Businesses to Connect With

Despite Facebook lead generation revolving around paying to play, as a B2B marketer you can go out of your way to find businesses to connect with. Connect with pages relevant to your industry and become a fixture in the community. Make sure that you are going out of your way to make yourself known and you will soon pinpoint the business leaders that may be interested in what you have to offer.

It’s a time-consuming process and you have to be prepared to put the work in to get something out of it. Finding businesses to connect with is something you should dedicate at least an hour of your time to every day. If the flow of leads trickles out, your sales efforts are bound to grind to a halt.


Facebook has lost its potency, but you have to remember that it’s still by far the largest social media network in the world. Its overall reach is unrivalled and it arguably has the best paid advertising options on the web for any business.

Will you be using Facebook to generate new sales?

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