How to Improve Customer Experience as A B2B Marketer

Olin Hyde
April 12, 2016

The customer experience is the defining point of your company. If you are not delivering a great experience every time, someone else will and your competitors will overtake you, and that can make it difficult to protect your online reputation. The customer experience is just as important in the B2B sales world as it is in the B2C sales arena.

The stats don’t lie. In a recent study, 79% of B2B executives said that the customer experience had a direct effect on their business results, with about the same number being sure that a great experience gave them an advantage over their competitors.

It shows that the customer experience is not something that’s going to get you an edge. It’s something that you have to be thinking about right now if you want to enhance your lead gen efforts.

But Most People Are Doing It Wrong

Despite all these people believing that the customer experience is vital to success there are still a lot of marketers who believe that they can do better. A whole 87% of people believed that they could be doing better and their current tactics weren’t being effective.

A 360-Degree View of Your Customer Experience

Talk about the experience customers get and you think of how you are facing your prospects. But the reason your business leads aren’t buying from you could be because of what’s happening in the back. Think of it in the same way as performing at a rock concert.

You have the performers on the stage, but the actual show is built up from the bottom, with the stagehands, the catering department, and all the lighting effects. Without these things there’s little for the audience to engage with.

Consider who is making the customer experience in your company. Look at the web designers, web developers, and everyone else making up your company. How can you change them so that you can go about gaining the trust of your prospects and obtaining better results?

Use New Marketing Technology

There’s so much new technology that can help you build those relationships with customers. The role of big data is huge in marketing circles these days. Brand new marketing technology is becoming a huge feature within companies because it’s so effective at determining who you need to target and what you need to target them with.

Big data gives you an insight into the dynamics of each company and how you should go about engaging with a company. In many ways, it’s like the concept of Moneyball brought to life. By using computer-generated analytics, businesses are spending less time chasing lost causes and more time concentrating on the companies that really matter.

But don’t get bogged down by marketing technology. It’s easy to get carried away with all the gadgets and features. Use only what’s providing you with real value, and then steadily expand your options.

Focus on Offline Channels

The world may be moving online, but customers still value the offline experience. Using offline channels and more traditional forms of marketing can still give you a massive boon. Customers are rarely focused entirely on the digital world. They are still spending their time with your company so they can enhance their offline lives.

There will be situations where you will attend conferences to meet people in person. You will encounter scenarios where you have to meet with a prospect at their place of work.

Concentrate on the engagement techniques you will have to utilize in order to influence people in-person.

Address Business Pain Points

Always remember that you are not in the business of selling something you are in the business of solving problems. You need to go out of your way to address key pain points. It’s proven that businesses always have more success when they understand what really matters to their prospects.

Not only do you need to identify with the most common problems experienced by your prospects you need to provide the solution.

This is about valuing the time of your prospects. You are getting right to the heart of the matter and minimizing wasted time.


Improving the experience your customers have is something you should be striving for every single day. Not only is this important for landing that first sale, it’s also important for repeat business and referral marketing. If you steadily build up your personal brand as one that helps businesses, you are going to find your prospects are chasing you.

With all this in mind, how are you going to improve the customer experience your business is delivering?

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