How To Make Lead Gen and SEO Work Together To Boost Sales

Lainey Mebust
December 22, 2016

Brand leaders often believe that search engine optimization (SEO) can replace a lead generation strategy. It can’t. These marketing tools do two completely different things to help you market your brand.

SEO increases the number of people who organically find your website while lead generation pinpoints the most interested prospects for brands to contact.

Using these tools by themselves isn’t nearly as effective as combining them. So You must get them to support each other to optimize your marketing efforts.

Here’s how you can get those two tools to work in synchrony:

Brings Unique Viewers To Your Site with SEO

When a brand is first getting started, it’s only natural that it take the least expensive route to gaining traction with its target audience. SEO can be done virtually for free, if you have a knowledgeable team member writing your content,

SEO is a way of writing, and mindfulness about the importance of cultivating relationships within your industry in a way that creates back links to your website. The goal is to boost a brand’s search engine ranking.

The first step is, of course, writing SEO-oriented content for your website. That helps attract search engines to your site. However, the work does not end there – an important aspect of SEO is providing regular updates to your content, which is why many companies have a blog!

By providing new content regularly, they prove to search engines like Google and Bing that their site is current and fresh and they expand on the keywords that their site ranks well for visitors. 

Use to Lead Gen To Pinpoint Customers

Where SEO acts as a passive agent, luring customers to your site naturally in the course of their own research, lead gen is more focused and aggressive. Some brands find their leads through cold calling and “spray and pray” contact tactics, though both are ineffective.

But the best lead gen providers use algorithms to determine contacts most likely to purchase your offerings. They also work with you to adjust your efforts as your company grows and the marketplace evolves.

Because of the involvement of more sophisticated technology, brands often purchase lead gen services after hitting a business plateauOnce a brand’s growth slows, lead gen is an obvious choice for a next step.

Think of it as a sort of garden – you start with healthy soil and good seeds, and your plants start to grow. Once those plants reach a certain peak, they require special plant food, supplements, and expert care to grow and thrive, like the pumpking in the photo below.


Did you imagine this morning, when you woke up, that you’d be comparing your brand to a thousand-pound pumpkin? Probably not, but maybe you should.

Synchronizing SEO and Lead Gen Work 

Once you’re at the point of considering lead gen – and, given you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to assume you are – do not give up on your SEO. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can help you market your products and/or services.

To continue the metaphor from above, it would be like pulling your plants’ roots out of the dirt, and burying them entirely in plant food. There’s something to be said for organic, natural components, even when science is used to push the limits of what’s possible.

SEO will continue to bring more contacts to your website, more signups to your ebook and resources pages, and more readers to your blogs. This means that you’ll continue to gain contacts, which your lead gen provider will be able to convert to customers. By using SEO and lead gen together, you’ll produce a much better result than either on their own.

However, if you opt to only use SEO, you’ll miss out on those contacts who may not be brought to your site organically, but who would be very interested in your product.

Last Word—A Powerful Tool

Lead gen strategies use patterns and insights to find those individuals who would be excited to find your brand before they even know it. And that can help boost sales and profits.

SEO increases the number of people who organically find your website while lead generation pinpoints the most interested prospects for brands to contact.

Use separately, they can each help you market your products and services. But when combine, they can help you optimize your marketing programs, boosting both sales and profits.

Have a question, or not sure how to marry your SEO to your lead gen strategies? Call us today – we’re always happy to help.

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