How To Use Technology To Double Sales…and Forge Stronger Customer Relationships

Olin Hyde
March 18, 2016

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How To Use Technology To Double Sales
…and Forge Stronger Customer Relationships

[live webinar – wed march 30 – 10 am pst/1 pm est] [special bonus material for live attendees]


Dave Koslow, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Docsend


Sanjit Singh, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of LeadCrunch

No product entirely sells itself. At the heart of all great business deals is a human connection. Products sell when someone takes the time to understand a customer problem and help solve that problem. Technology, when used properly, can accelerate and support this process.

To accelerate sales, we need to first find the right prospects, personalize our outreach to them, and then present helpful material to them at the right time in their buying journey. LeadCrunch and Docsend have partnered to bring you this incredible presentation on this topic.

Come and learn from industry pioneer, Dave Koslow, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of DocSend, as talks about one of one of his passions: how to humanize the sales process and use technology to forge deeper human connections with prospects and customers. 

Dave Koslow is the Co-founder and Chief Product officer of DocSend, a platform that makes salespeople more effective by enabling them to track, control, send, and present sales materials with real-time document analytics. So…goodbye email attachments, hello revenue! He built the foundation of the native mobile rich media and platform at Greystripe. While there, he also built the mobile ad products team charged with creating new cross-platform mobile ad formats. Dave loves foreign languages and soup. Dave received his BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford.

Sanjit Singh is the Co-founder & COO of LeadCrunch where he runs company operations, marketing, and sales. LeadCrunch provides high-precision B2B leads using artificial intelligence for marketing. So…goodbye commodity leads, hello revenue! He has overseen LeadCrunch’s rapid growth to over 2000 signups in its first few months as well as its being prominently featured in Product Hunt and Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2007, Sanjit started and rapidly grew USS Logistics, a non-asset shipping and logistics company, and achieved a seven-figure exit in less than two years. Sanjit is an alumnus of the UCLA Anderson School of Management where he earned his MBA and lectures on sales and marketing. Sanjit is a California native and lives in San Diego with his wife and two dogs. He is an avid reader, guitar player, world traveler, and cyclist.


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