Integrating Predictive Analytics Into High-Value B2B Marketing and Sales

Olin Hyde
June 2, 2016

In order to cut through the noise produced by the internet and establish meaningful connections with clients, businesses must find ways to produce more personalized content, generate higher quality leads, and stay focused on top prospects. Predictive analytics is a means to achieve all of this. According to Forbes*, 89% of B2B marketers have predictive analytics on their roadmaps for 2016. Predictive marketers are also 2.9x more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average and 1.8x more likely to consistently exceed shared organizational goals. Finally, in TOPO’s B2B Predictive Analytics Technology Report**, B2B predictive analytics is an emerging market with less than a $100M in aggregate vendor revenue. This means the predictive analytics market is still in the early market stage of the technology adoption life cycle and companies that adopt predictive analytics now can gain a clear advantage over their competitors.


Disclaimer: these 5 AI services were featured by Inc. in a recently written article by Bubba Page, founder of Outro. The following text was reprinted from Inc. (view the full article here)



What it does: Assistant who schedules meetings for you

Pricing: Currently free (in beta)

How many times have you engaged a prospect, but it took a large number of emails back and forth to schedule that next meeting? Instead you can use’s assistant ‘Amy’ who connects to your calendar and emails your contact on your behalf. She proposes free times and will send out calendar invites once an agreement on time and place has been met.

Bonus points: Amy can even learn your favorite places for coffee or lunch and will add those to your meetings.


2. Spiro


What it does: Sales assistant keeps you focused on top prospects

Pricing: Free

How many deals are you chasing at one time? The more deals you’re working, the more you need this service. Spiro connects with your phone, email and calendar to know what business you’re going after, and automatically reminds you to follow-up with things that you might be missing.

Had a meeting with a prospect a few days ago, but haven’t called or emailed them since? Spiro reminds you. Delivered a proposal to a prospect but they haven’t gotten back to you yet, Spiro will send you a notification to reach out to them.

Bonus points: Spiro comes with 7 different ‘personalities’ which range from R-Rated to Coach to Surfer Dude, which can actually be very amusing.


3. Clearbit Connect


What it does: Easily find contact information for prospects

Pricing: Free

Ever had to search the Internet looking for someone’s email, or try multiple combinations of an email format and hope they don’t bounce? Clearbit Connect is a Gmail plugin that finds the right email address for people that you’re trying to reach out to.

It will automatically show you their LinkedIn profile, company information and other useful facts that you can use as you email them.

Bonus points: You can also search for people by title and company name


4. LeadCrunch


What it does: Generates leads based on your existing customer profiles

Pricing: Free trial, $1.25 per lead afterwards

Does quality or quantity matter when it comes to leads? LeadCrunch’s goal is to answer this question by providing you with highly valuable prospects for B2B targeting based on data about your existing customers. It uses your customers’ industry, revenue size, number of employees, etc. to build a profile and generate a set of targets.


5. Crystal 


What it does: Advice on how to write emails tailored to your prospect

Pricing: Free

Do you email people that you don’t know really well? Crystal can help you find the right wording an approach to make your emails resonate perfectly with your prospect. It connects with LinkedIn and email to build a personality profile of your contacts and advises you on the tone and wording of your emails.

Bonus points: You can get a free assessment of your personality on their website.


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**B2B Predictive Analytics Technology Report –


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