LeadCrunch Helps GoShare Boost Sales 300%, Improve ROI 500%

Olin Hyde
November 22, 2016


Lead generation is among the toughest challenges for modern B2B organizations. Yesterday’s methods of generating leads no longer make an impact while today’s methods are changing at light speed—thanks mostly to breakthroughs in technology.

These breakthroughs often produce mountains of information, providing marketers and sales professionals with dizzying amounts of data. The trick for these marketing professionals is extracting the greatest value from that data. Doing so is quite a challenge for companies going it alone.

But savvy B2B companies turn to specialists, like LeadCrunch, to help extract the greatest value from this data. LeadCrunch does this by using its own data and artificial intelligence to create high precision leads for companies.

It then uses its employees to syndicate content, connect with buyers, and provide a list of warm leads for a client, which can then book sales meetings and sell their offerings to customers.

The GoShare application of LeadCrunch’s proven expertise is among LeadCrunch’s most impressive successes. Read how LeadCrunch helped GoShare boost sales and improve ROI

About GoShare

GoShare is one of the fastest growing companies in Southern California. Known as the “Uber for trucks,” it connects people that have pickup trucks or cargo vans with people and businesses needing help moving, hauling, and delivering large items on demand. Based in San Diego, CA, GoShare operates throughout San Diego County and parts of New Jersey, with plans to expand domestically and internationally. GoShare Inc. was formed in 2014 by founder and CEO Shaun Savage, whose house painting service regularly needed a delivery service.

GoShare is in a highly competitive marketplace. To generate much-needed capital for expanding operations, the company had to show a consistent increase in sales. But to do that, it would have to replace its lead generation solution with one that could boost market share quickly using only a limited staff. GoShare’s ultimate goal was to drive 30% month-over-month growth and boost it competitiveness.

GoShare achieved these goals in just three short months with help from LeadCrunch’s AI-based lead generation platform. With its help, GoShare started showing impactful results within the first week. Altogether, GoShare boosted sales by 300 percent, lowered customer acquisition costs, and improved ROI by 500 percent thanks to LeadCrunch. It also helped them penetrate new markets before its competitors could react.

GoShare’s mission is to empower people to help others by sharing their personal trucks and vans. By promoting collaborative consumption, the company believes it can make the world a better place. GoShare carries a cargo insurance policy to protect the items their drivers carry for their customers. GoShare drivers are independent contractors that earn money using their vehicles and helping people in their communities. Drivers also must pass a background checks and a vehicle inspection tests and undergo training before they can start driving for GoShare.


The Challenge

GoShare wanted to generate a round of much-needed capital to take the company to the next level. But to do that, GoShare had to show consistently growing sales numbers—sales numbers that were climbing “up and to the right.”  The man in charge of generating these numbers was Christen Hastings, GoShare’s vice president of marketing. As with many senior marketing executives, Hastings had numerous responsibilities including hiring and coaching sales staff, implementing effective sales strategies and processes, and providing actionable feedback to the product team—all while trying to meet a seemingly impossible growth target in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Obviously, Hastings time was at a premium. Like many vice presidents of marketing, he had an experienced sales team to help that was backed by a proven sales process. But limited funding hurt his efforts. It prevented him from investing in expensive sales tools or more staff to drive growth in a traditional way. He knew his best shot at achieving the company’s growth goal was to tackle the most inefficient step in his sales process: top of the funnel lead conversion:

“It was an incredibly time-consuming and laborious endeavor,” says Hastings. “We had a solid understanding of who our customers were and what an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) looked like. But when we deployed search engines and web crawlers to generate lead lists, we were presented with insurmountably large lists of companies with few contacts containing missing, out of date or inaccurate contact details.”

As a result, Hastings spent days scrubbing the lists before handing them off to his sales team. Yet after all his work, the sales team still struggled to generate conversion rates that would move the needle. Hastings was ready to throw in the towel when he heard about LeadCrunch’s success generating high precision leads using data and artificial intelligence at a price that fit within his budget.

GoShare’s situation isn’t unique,” says Sanjit Singh, LeadCrunch’s  COO. “In fact, more and more B2B companies are finding themselves in the same situation. These companies simply don’t have the manpower or expertise they need to get the most from the data they have or or to get the most from their cumbersome lead generation solutions. That, in turn, hurts competitiveness and slows growth.”

The Solution

Contacting LeadCrunch paid off. Its self-service lead gen platform uses a combination of high-quality data sources, AI algorithms, and Internet bots to unearth and curate “best fit” leads and relevant managerial contacts in a fraction of the time it takes other platforms to do the same. For businesses looking to generate high-quality leads quickly and cost-effectively, it’s the ideal platform.

“Our approach to generating leads is straightforward and productive,” says Singh. “We build a representation of a company’s best clients using the same machine intelligence approaches we developed for the military. That effort produces leads that are clones of the company’s best customers.”

In this case, LeadCrunch combined GoShare’s existing customer list and LeadCrunch’s own data and technology to provide its client with the best leads it had ever seen. And it did it quickly. In fact, the platform delivered right from the first round of leads—one that’s often considered a calibration batch—to help refine future leads based on customer feedback and LeadCrunch’s automated self-learning model.

“We closed five deals with our first batch of 100 leads,” says Hasting. This was more than what we were able to do with 2,000 leads from our legacy lead gen solution. And the best part is that we achieved it in a fifth of the time!” Seeing LeadCrunch’s initial success, Hastings was eager to get started with a paid subscription and implement the solution in full force. LeadCrunch soon became the backbone of GoShare’soutbound marketing strategy and helped it get the most from the company’s lead generation activities.

The Process

Three factors keyed GoShare’s extraordinary lead gen success. One was LeadCrunch’s ability to deliver incredibly precise targeted accounts that were near clones of GoShare’sbest customers. The second factor was the ease of implementation and quality of information that LeadCrunch delivered to GoShare. “It was dead simple to get started,” says Hastings. “No implementation or training was required on our part. We simply replaced our old leads with the new ones and started dialing. Another thing that blew me away right from the start was the accuracy of the contact information.”

But the biggest factor in GoShare’swas Hastings methodical approach to applying LeadCrunch’s platform, which he used to leverage the company’s growth strategy. Each month, GoShare tackled a new phase of incorporating LeadCrunch into its business. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of it approach.

  • Phase I: GoSharereplaces its existing low-performing lead gen solutions with LeadCrunch’s platform. With LeadCrunch’s ease of implementation and rapid results, replacing the lead gen solution took place without a hitch. Now, the time Hastings spent previously to generate and scrub lead lists allowed him to hire and train a new member of the sales team to handle more leads in the pipeline.
  • Phase Il: GoShare used LeadCrunch’s high precision leads and learning model to achieve the consistent 30% month-over-month growth it needed to raise the capital required to expand operations and take the company to the next level. “LeadCrunch has a really useful feedback loop, where you can rate the ‘fit’ of the leads provided by the platform and “train” the system to deliver incremental improvements with each delivery.” As part of the process, Hastings and his sales staff rated the leads with a simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” vote. This information helped the engine improve its model after each pass and learn more about GoShare’s ideal customer as its customer base grew. This approach delivered improved results that drove consistent growth.
  • Phase III: To ensure lasting success, GoShare leveraged LeadCrunch’s model to expand into new markets before competitors could enter that space: “Once we knew LeadCrunch had a repeatable, predictable model of our customer base to deliver high conversion, top-of-the-funnel leads, we simply pointed it into new territories to help us rapidly expand into new markets.

The Results

LeadCrunch came through for GoShare. In three months, it helped Hastings generate three times more sales than it had ever done before, dramatically lowering customer acquisition costs, increasing sales leads by 300 percent and boosting return on investment (ROI) by 500 percent.  Thanks to LeadCrunch’s lead gen platform, GoShare accelerated growth significantly enough to generate the capital it need to expand operations.

What’s more, Hastings leveraged the Lead Crunch platform’s model to help GoShare’s penetrate twice the number of cities it had done so before—with no additional investment in sales staff.  This effort was key, as expansion into new territories is a large gamble that takes careful planning and frequent adjustments. In such a competitive environment, quickly covering the chessboard was a critical factor in ensuring GoShare’s lasting success.

“These results are similar for our other customers,” says Singh. “LeadCrunch gives you the power to find patterns that describe companies most likely to buy from you. Unlike lead brokers, trade shows, and other lead sources, LeadCrunch scans all data in real time so you can target sales efforts with laser precision. This approach pays off in the end as it did for GoShare.”

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