Make Facebook Your “Go To” Social Media Platform For B2B Lead Generation

Olin Hyde
September 23, 2016

Want to boost brand awareness? Use social media. Digital marketing generates B2B sales. No doubt about it. But you have to be in the right place to make the most of it. Facebook is the right place when it comes to brand awareness. So make it the “go to” platform for all your B2B lead generation campaign.

But using Facebook to generate leads can be a challenge. So how do you use it to boost lead generation and not bust your budget?

Below are several B2B lead generation tips that show you how you can use Facebook to boost lead generation cost-effectively

  • It’s the best platform.

To begin with, even though Facebook is a critical brand awareness tool, it shouldn’t be the only social media platform you use. According to an industry report from the Social Media Examiner, the most widely used social media network is LinkedIn, with 41% of marketers saying they used LinkedIn. Facebook came in second at 30%.

So use more than one social media platform. That strategy garuantees you’ll reach as many different people as possible. Put simply, don’t ignore LinkedIn’s leadership, Twitter’s ease, or the various advertising options Facebook presents.

Using more than one platform increases your chances of boosting brand awareness and generating leads.

  • It’s used daily by millions

For advertising to work, your B2B targeting must be on point. You must hit a highly targeted audience and convince them to do what you want them to do, which is where Facebook really comes into its own. Over time, its advertising options have only gotten better and better.

Facebook has one of the most robust platforms out there for reaching B2B prospects, if not the most robust. There are well over 1.5 billion users on Facebook. A billion of those are active daily. So you can easily target them using the Power Editor.

  • It offers the most advertising options 

 Facebook offers more options for advertising than any other platform. For example, you can now target video. Video advertising is one of the most effective ad options in the world today. You can even target mobile users with it.

Also, Facebook updates its platform regularly, adding new features to it all the time. So you always know there’s something in the pipeline that’s going to keep you ahead of the pack.

  • Helps manage your online reputation

There’s a reason why so many successful B2B companies use Facebook as a marketing tool. Creating a killer Facebook ad campaign can do a lot for your brand. Even if you don’t use Facebook for lead generation, building a solid reputation there contributes to your ability to generate more leads in the future.

Improving your position in the market and engaging potential customers with Facebook increases your chances that leads will choose you as their provider of choice.

  • Almost everyone still has it

Finally, it can’t be forgotten that almost everyone still has Facebook. It is one social media network that hasn’t fallen by the wayside. That same can’t be said for the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook just keeps increasing its market share,which boosts the impact of Facebook video ads.

With advertising costs are increasing all the time, the sooner you start using Facebook the better. As the prices go up, it will get harder and harder to get involved in this competitive market. So do it.

  • Use video posts for branding

The first thing you should look into is video posts for company branding purposes. Studies show that video is popular. In fact, Facebook’s news feed has become populated by 3.6 times more by videos last year alone. that number is only going to increase as time passes. Part of the reason is because of the mobile revolution.

Mobility means that people will consume more video than before because they don’t have any choice in the matter. They don’t have time to read through a long piece of content. Video makes a bigger impact than any other type of content, so it only makes sense to invest in it.

Conclusion – Get in Now

The rising cost of Facebook advertising will continue to squeeze your margins. To generate more B2B sales leads, you must get involved with it now. The costs will only rise later, which will make it harder to carry out effective testing.

Make sure that you start split testing immediately.  And don’t stop doing it. The landscape of advertising is changing all the time, so what works now won’t necessarily work later.

Are you using Facebook to generate leads? Tell us how below.

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