Outbound Sales Are Not Dead

Olin Hyde
March 23, 2018

Outbound sales got a bad rep. Of course, nobody wants to be cold called about a product they want nothing to do with at 7:00 PM, when they’re off the clock and trying to enjoy time with their family. And it should go without saying that nobody wants to make those calls. But that’s not actually the way outbound sales work.

Thanks to telemarketers who seem to have an undeterrable desire to interrupt family meal time, outbound sales became kind of a bad word in the marketing world. But telemarketing and outbound sales are different, and many believe that outbound sales are dead thanks to telemarketers, cell phones, the do-not-call registry, social selling, and so on. But outbound sales are not dead, and it should be a part of every company’s sales strategy.

What Are Outbound Sales?

So, if outbound sales aren’t the same as telemarketing, what is it? Well, although it does sometimes involve cold calling, there’s more to it than that. Outbound sales involve qualified reps reaching out via social media, email, and other means and following up with any interested parties to nurture those leads. Not all leads are cold—some come in warm and ready for more information—and not all outbound sales are to individuals—many are to other businesses that would benefit from the products and services the salesman is calling to offer.

Why Does Everyone Say It’s Dead?

Those who believe outbound sales are dead attribute its demise to the internet. These days, you can find everything online. You can search for companies that sell what you’re looking for, look at reviews from others who have bought from those businesses already, find coupons and discounts to get a lower price, and even place an order and check out all in a matter of minutes and often without assistance.

If you have any questions when your product arrives, you can get back online and chat with a rep at the company to get answers and have your concerns resolved. Thanks to the internet, you don’t need a salesman to contact you or guide you through the sales funnel; you realize you need something, search it out for yourself, and place your order without talking to anyone in many cases.

Not only that, but with the creation and subsequent rise of social media, social selling has made it possible for salesmen to avoid having to make cold calls and for consumers to get what they need without someone contacting them via phone. They don’t even have to open a web browser or search out a site; they can find products and make purchases directly on social media while they browse through the latest updates from their families and friends.

All of these things, combined with the generally negative connotation surrounding outbound sales (and the relief that its “death” has made both the sales community and consumers feel), have led to the belief that outbound sales are a thing of the past, but it’s not.

Outbound Sales Have Just Changed

Outbound sales are not only alive and well but have changing,  growing, and arguably even thriving. Customers have become more conscious of their options, a lot savvier in their consumption, and more aware of sales gimmicks. That being the case, there’s no longer a need for the stereotypical salesperson who calls (during dinner, of course) and won’t let you off the phone until he’s made his entire pitch — which, of course, is stuffed with a bunch of fluff that has not provided any information of substance.

Now, outbound sales are targeted and effective. LeadCrunch Intelligent Campaigns and 360 platforms incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to help sales teams create and define smart personas so that businesses can develop a more in-depth understanding of their target audience. This means that when you do make cold calls, you’ll be able to reach out to individuals and businesses who are interested in your services and more likely to want more information and eventually make a purchase.

Our platforms also allow you to build lookalike audiences, engaging with them through quality content and nurturing leads. You can use email, phone calls, and other methods to follow-up with viable leads instead of spending time on the phone calling people to whom your services may not even apply.

The myth that outbound sales are dead is false. While that may be true of the old way, with the incorporation of AI, outbound sales are more effective than ever and should be a part of every sales strategy. For more information about how our platforms can help you with outbound sales, contact us here.

What are your opinions on outbound sales? Would you use them in your business?

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