Overcome Buyer Hesitation In B2B Sales With These Six Secrets

Olin Hyde
November 3, 2016

Do you hate buyer hesitation? If so, you’re not alone. Buyer hesitation frustrates sale people in every arena. It’s also hard for them  to overcome.

But buyer hesitation isn’t uncommon in B2B sales. In fact, with only 25% of leads advancing to sales, there’s many opportunities to encounter buyer hesitation.

How you overcome it, however, determines how many sales you close. You need to earn the right way to close with buyers. Failing to do that leads to many missed opportunities.

Below are six tips you can use to beat buyer hesitation in B2B sales and boost sales:

Beating buyer hesitation is a challenge for many. But the six tips below are proven tactics sale people can use to help beat buyer hesitation and drive sales;

  • Identify what will make or break the deal

One of the biggest B2B trends is that customers will hesitate because of just one or two things. These things are deal-breakers. They’re the key obstacles B2B sellers must overcome to close the sale.

So your first step in a B2B sale is to find out what these key obstacles are. When prospects hesitate, ask them what ‘s holding them back. Without an answer to this question, you’ll never close the sale.

  • Look for the small victories

To improve the efficiency of your B2B sales team, you should stop focusing on the end point. You’ll have to earn a number of small victories before you ever manage to persuade your prospects to buy. So focus on what victories you need to build a relationship.

Also, don’t allow your B2B lead to just agree with everything you say. It’s easy to think that this means your B2B sales campaign is going well. That’s not necessarily the case.

Many prospects will agree with you say simply because they don’t want to disagree with you. Encourage them to go out of their way to ask questions.

For example, you might want them to opt for a product demonstration at their office or you might want to send them some free educational materials. Then try to schedule that next meeting when talking with them.

Things like this are helping you to move forward.

  • Dig deep to find out their needs

Buyer hesitation happens even when you’re making a killer B2B sales pitch. But take heart. The reason they’re still talking to you is because they have a problem that they need solved. So they still want something from you. Otherwise, they would have sent you packing.

Of course, you have to find out their needs if they hesitate to buy. So try to find out what’s causing their pain and how their business operates.

In other words you need to dig deeper. You might find something about their needs that you didn’t know about before. But you can only do that if you listen carefully to what they say.

Try to understand their business and their needs. Remember that sometimes B2B sellers run into a situation where even customers aren’t sure what they want.

  • Prove you can solve the problem

B2B prospects often hesitate to buy because they’re not sure you’re the right B2B seller. You can  alleviate these concerns by employing a range of content marketing tactics., like showing them an article describing one of your success stories.

You can also strengthen your pitch by sending them testimonials, awards, and certifications. You want to show them that you can meet their needs better than any other provider.

Heidi Cohen says, “You have to know about and be able to apply the latest methods and approaches.” So you have to make sure you’re trying out new ways to prove you can solve a prospect’s problem.

But anything you do to support your pitch must be quality. As Jeff Bullas says, “You have to know your stuff. It’s that simple. Content crafted with nothing but fluff and keywords written by people who know nothing about the industry, your product, or your audience is not only ineffective, it’s poison.”

  • Look for another decision maker

One of the main sales lessons you will learn in B2B sales is that the chances are good you’re not talking to the main decision maker. They might have to present your pitch to someone else.

So ask the prospect if there’s anyone else that might be interested in listening to what you have to say. Don’t restrict yourself to the you’re immediate contact. Leveraging multiple decision-makers can make the entire organization fall into line.

  • Know when it’s over

Know when to cut your losses. You won’t always convince prospects on the edge to buy from you. If someone was only nodding their head throughout the whole process and not asking questions, they might not really be interested in your B2B product at all.

It’s difficult to know when it’s over because each case is different. The longer you’re in this business as a B2B seller, though, the better you’ll become at telling when someone isn’t truly interested. If that’s the case, cut them loose.

Conclusion – It’s a Game of Experience

Buyer hesitation can be frustrating. But good sales people learn to overcome it in time. After a while, spotting the real cause for buyer hesitation becomes instinctual. When that happens, you can apply the right tactics to overcome it.

Then you’ll see your conversion rate jump higher.

What do you think is the most important tactic in alleviating buyer hesitation in B2B sales?

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