V2MOM – The Pillars of LeadCrunch Culture

Olin Hyde
February 13, 2017

Using V2MOM to Clarify the Vision, Build a Great Culture, & Unite the Team

When it comes to building a company that is focused on achieving really big things, it’s vital to create a company culture that unites the team.

In addition to using V2MOM, Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff’s approach to creating better alignment, we strive to enable every team member in our company to be autonomous, masterful and purposeful.

Here’s how we define these key characteristics at LeadCrunch:

  • Autonomous: Act independently to get things done. Each team member has the authority to do their job. We do not micromanage.
  • Mastery: We each strive to be the best in the world at one skill while we exhibit strong competence in related skills. We dedicate ourselves to constant learning and perfection while not being dependent upon others to fill in the gaps.
  • Sense of Purpose: We work together to achieve goals that are greater than ourselves.

V2MOM in Practice

At LeadCrunch, we use a single document, V2MOM, to align our everyday work activities with the execution of our high-level strategy.

V2MOM stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles and Measurements.

Marc Benioff’s celebrated Salesforce blog post, “How to Create Alignment Within Your Company in Order to Succeed“, is the V2MOM origin, and a post worth revisiting if you’re looking to grow your company at ‘breakneck speed’ as he so well puts it.

I’m grateful to our advisor, Aaron Fulkerson, who introduced me to his V2MOM to embed “beginner’s mind” into the core values at MindTouch.

All great companies are made by one happy customer at a time. LeadCrunch’s V2MOM is all about creating a scalable way to empower all of our employees to delight every LeadCrunch user.

V2MOM – It Begins with Vision

Or, What do we want?

Our vision, our primary, why-we-come-to-work-every-day objective at LeadCrunch, is to provide fundamentally new solutions for B2B marketing. We call it “full-context marketing” and we are changing the way businesses sell to other businesses.

Imagine a world where every salesperson could focus all of their energy on closing deals rather than wasting time prospecting?

Using artificial intelligence to look at B2B data differently, LeadCrunch delivers the right company, with verified contacts, at the right time. Qualified leads in your inbox, so your sales team can sell.

Our meta-goal is to democratize the power of artificial intelligence. We do this by empowering B2B Sales and Marketing teams with 3 “unfair advantages” so they acquire new customers faster, at lower costs, than any other demand generation strategy or system can offer.

Our 3 Unfair Advantages for Better Demand Generation

  • Valuable insights gleaned from unfathomable quantities of B2B data.
  • Optimization of the entire demand generation process – from target selection to qualification.
  • Precision in creating and presenting the right information needed to acquire a new customer.

LeadCrunch is different than any other demand generation solution because we go beyond predictions and scoring by combining artificial intelligence with a marketplace of B2B lead qualifying services.

We change the way B2B companies think about market segmentation and positioning by replacing traditional filters (such as industry codes, filmographies, etc.) with high-precision lookalike models that comprehensively explain and predict buyer behavior by evaluating the information that really matters.

We look at people, companies, industries and events – and the connections between them – differently to deliver superior B2B targeting.

V2MOM – Values Matter

What’s really important here?

As a team, we commit to act in the following ways:

  • Grit: We overcome adversity with determination, persistence and courage. We are not afraid to fail as we strive to win.
  • Delight: We enjoy our work so much that our joy can be felt by our customers.
  • Quality: We do great work that consistently exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders.
  • Learning: We are always beginners who strive to learn from every experience and interaction.
  • Abundance: We live in a world of abundance where prosperity for everyone is possible through hard work, collaboration, integrity and dedication to mutually positive outcomes.
  • Integrity: We earn trust. Trust is defined by the following equation.

Trust = (Capability) x (Reliability) x (Intimacy) / (Self-Interest) Where each (attribute) is scored on a scale of 0 to 10 resulting in a theoretical maximum trust score of 1,000.

V2MOM – Defining Our Methods

How do you get it?

  • Team: We work together for a common purpose so large that we could not accomplish it without the help of, and collaboration with, our teammates.
  • Focus: Our efforts drive to a single purpose where we control the outcome. We are each a specialist with mastery over our own domain where we work to become the best in the world.
  • Data: Objective truth is revealed with data. These truths are assembled into models that explain and predict reality with measurable precision and recall. A data-driven model is always more valuable than opinions or theories.
  • Technology: We apply scientific principles to create automated, reliable solutions to existing problems.

V2MOM – Meeting Obstacles Head On

What might stand in the way?

  • Insufficient Capital: We recognize that we will never raise the amount of capital that our Bay Area competitors do. We believe they have raised too much money, and don’t have the same existential pressure we face that drives true innovation and creative problem-solving. We overcome our competitors with capital efficiency, and our ability to reframe existing problems in ways that enable us to solve them in less time, at a lower cost.
  • Distractions: We recognize that everyone has multiple competing interests that threaten the ability to focus on a single objective.
  • Cognitive Bias: We recognize that we have a tendency to make mistakes in reasoning, because we are attached to our own preferences and beliefs regardless of conflicting information. We overcome this bias by challenging our beliefs with reliable data, input from our collaborators, and insights and feedback from the marketplace.

V2MOM – Measures of Achievement

How will you know when you have it?

  • IPO Ready: We will be successful when we are ready for an initial public offering. Although this level of success is rare, we recognize that this is the only exit for which we will be able to control the most number of optimization variables.
  • Repeatable, Predictable, Sustainable Growth: Success is a marathon, not a sprint. We play to win, every day, in ways we can control, understand and maintain for the long term.
  • Profitability: We exist to create profits for ourselves, our shareholders and our customers.
  • People: The most valuable assets are humans. Always.

Key Performance Indicators: We monitor a dashboard of KPIs to ensure our daily activities are aligned with successful completion of monthly, quarterly and annual operational plans.

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