Secrets to Generating and Maintaining B2B Business Leads

Olin Hyde
March 10, 2016

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B2B business leads are like gold coins in this business. The mobile revolution saw 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. That changed the business. But despite the fact that B2B businesses have changed the way they do things, they are still making the same old mistakes.

If you want to know some of the secrets to generating and maintaining business leads, this is the guide for you.

Talk to Current and Past Customers Regularly

Look at most B2B sellers and they are running through leads like they were water. An amateur mistake seen all over the world is that sellers will abandon a lead because they haven’t made a sale after one or two touches. This is the wrong way to look at it because it can take up to 12 touches before that person will make a final decision on whether to purchase something.

Make an effort to speak to current and past customers on a regular basis. And don’t always try to sell to them. You are here to build relationships. That is your primary function. Call just to speak about their needs. Make it all about them.

Creating Good Habits – Talk to at Least Three People Per Day

You should be interacting with as many people as possible. But in the B2B world it’s easy to get stuck in a bubble. Make an effort to continually expand your reach every day. You should be aiming to talk to at least three new people on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter whether they all turn into customers. The point is you are doing your best to get outside your bubble and open yourself up to new audiences.

Develop a Company of Salespeople

B2B businesspeople are often confined to the idea that they have to have a dedicated team. The person espousing the value of your company shouldn’t have to be in the sales team. Smart companies know that evangelizing the entire company is the way to go about thins. Everyone from the tech guy to the person networking for your brand should be able to enhance the value of your brand.

But this is something that has to be genuine. Customers will see right through someone if they are putting on an act. Develop a company that people actually enjoy working for.

If your organization actually embraces all the qualities it’s trying to promote to leads, you are going to have far more success in the long-term. Take a look at yourself first.

Follow Up Your Inbound Leads

It’s scary that so many companies have inbound leads that they never follow up on. It’s even more terrifying when you consider that up to half of all inbound leads are never followed up on. This is the equivalent of leaving a stack of money sitting on the table. It’s a mistake that you may come to regret during tough times.

Studies say that following up on a lead within an hour of receiving an inquiry means that you are seven times more likely to gain a customer out of it. This is an incredible change and represents the need for speed.

Place your newest leads at the top of the list and act on them immediately. As soon as a lead forgets about you, the chances of you actually turning them into a customer are low.

Nurture Your Leads

Every B2B seller will have an initial conversation with a person, and then there will be a follow-up. You may have a fantastic conversation with that first person, but that person isn’t ready to buy yet. They may not have the authority to authorize the purchase or they may want to talk it over some more with some of their colleagues.

This is where it all tends to go wrong for B2B sellers. They forget to follow-up on these leads and then the situation never gets revisited. Or when it is revisited the moment has gone and it’s much too late to make a recovery.

Remember that every action you take to build trust helps build value.


The question is how should you react to these tips?

You have to react to these tips by taking an honest look at your B2B efforts. Gather together some statistics and compare them to the averages for your industry. Make sure you are being honest about where you are potentially falling short.

When you have found out where you are falling short you need to make those changes. Initiate them immediately then revisit the numbers in a month or so to see how you are doing. By constantly monitoring your own performance you are best placed for success.

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