Smart Ways to Generate More B2B Sales Leads on LinkedIn

Olin Hyde
March 24, 2016

b2b_Lead_gen_linkedin.pngLinkedIn may not be the platform you think of when you think of generating B2B leads. The results are in and it states that 22% of CEOs favor LinkedIn over all other platforms. This puts it far ahead of any other platform, including Facebook and Twitter.

CEOs are notorious for being late adopters of social media, so 22% is quite significant. Now you know where the people in authority are spending their social media time, you can target them. Here’s how to do it.Get the Basics Down

Before you even think about trying to make sales on LinkedIn, you have to get the fundamentals in place of operating on LinkedIn first. LinkedIn is a platform that gives you a lot of real estate for crafting a profile. Fill out every section with as much detail as you can.

Optimize it for LinkedIn search. If you were a customer, what would you search for? Use your answers to direct you.

The key to getting the basics down is to use your profile to explain not what you do but what you can do for others in your sector. CEOs don’t care about you until you give them a reason to care.

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is linked with your website and other company pages. You want to make it easier for lurkers to look you up elsewhere.

Networking Using LinkedIn’s Tools

LinkedIn offers lots of tools for B2B businesses to use. One that should catch your eye is Sales Navigator. It comes with a 30-day free trial. What it allows you to do is use LinkedIn’s network data to accelerate relationships with prospect.

It’s a form of data to win users. It gives you the numbers you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. One feature is that it uses its numbers to recommend potential leads to you on the site. You can also track updates and news effecting companies relevant to you.

This LinkedIn tool is great for giving you direction, plus you know it’s reliable because it’s LinkedIn’s own tool.

Drop the Default Messages

Whenever you contact a prospect for the first time or you decide that you want to follow up on a lead, they will be populated with a default message. Don’t make the mistake of actually sending these default messages. Everyone who uses LinkedIn is well aware of them and you will only come off as lacking any genuine desire to build a relationship.

It’s immensely disrespectful to not send a personalized message to someone. A number of companies have attempted to cut corners through doing this. They may be able to contact more leads in a certain period of time, but the quality of the leads and the chances of a positive response are much lower.

In your targeted message, make sure you include some form of call to action. Bear in mind that you are talking to a customer here.

Marketing Hack: Find New Relationships that Need Your Product or Service

In researching this story, I spoke to a customer who uses lists of LeadCrunch’s high-precision leads to find new to LinkedIn connections. She tailors each invitation so it is personal and relevant to the job interests of each person. Her approach enables her to gently introduce her name and service to prospects long before she ever calls them. When she does call them they often recognize her name. She uses a very soft-style of selling that is more consultative that relies upon bulding trust

Target Your Content Right

Audience targeting is key. Any content you post in the form of blogs should be super targeted.  CEOs are smart people and they know when something is designed for them or not. Make sure that your content is targeted towards the idea of the perfect customer.

Think about who your ideal B2B customer is and then craft content based on that. It’s better to have access to a much smaller audience than to attempt to target a huge broad section of your industry. The number of leads doesn’t matter it’s the quality if the leads and whether you stand a realistic chance of converting.

Make Your Content Long Form Using LinkedIn Pulse

The Pulse platform is a publishing platform operated by LinkedIn. It’s designed as a platform for helping people share their thoughts on current events that are relevant to their industries. The audience is built in so it’s already setup for you to get a maximum amount of exposure.

It’s more effective than your blog because the reach is higher and people know they can trust the Pulse platform because it’s operated by LinkedIn.

Get Them Off LinkedIn

Ensure that you can get your prospect away from LinkedIn as soon as you can. You should encourage them to give you a call or to meet up face-to-face as part of a meeting. Try to take the relationship to the next level immediately.

This will state your intentions and ensure that you are serious about dealing with your prospect. It makes it more likely that they will turn into a lead you can work on.

If you follow these tips and get your prospect off of LinkedIn, you are going to generate not just more leads but more quality leads.

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