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Ebsta Case Study

B2B Demand GenerationB2B Lead Gen

9 Min Read

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Originally, Ebsta was averaging about 100 installs a day, a significantly high volume of daily inbound leads for a mid-stage startup of less than 30 employees. After 9 months of meticulously optimizing its inbound channels and sales processes, Ebsta started to see its growth rate level off. It quickly realized that its best chance to boost growth was to build an effective outbound sales process to drive predictable, scalable revenue. After comparing and testing various lead gen solutions, Ebsta implemented LeadCrunch’s Customer Discovery Platform. With its help, Ebsta increased conversions from 7.5% to 28%, achieved 30% month-over-month growth, and reduced the sales development cycle from 35 days to 10 days. LeadCrunch is the most impactful tool Ebsta has ever implemented.

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