The Best Type of Salesperson for B2B Sales

Olin Hyde
January 10, 2019

Anyone who is good at sales knows there are no blueprints for succeeding in this industry. Your winning personality and understanding your target audience are the beginning for how you’re going to succeed.

Every industry differs, though, and the B2B industry is no exception.

The best type of salesperson for B2B sales is the one who possesses all the correct traits. Some can be learned and some are merely part of people from when they’re born. This guide is going to show you the best type of salesperson for helping your company stand out from the crowd.

On the Cutting Edge of B2B Sales

B2B is highly competitive. Most businesses believe they have to increase their marketing budgets every year just to keep up with the sheer amount of competition. Employers don’t want a salesperson who will stick with the status quo. They want someone who’s creative and who’s going to come up with new tactics and strategies. The best modern thinking on a sales approach backed by data is The Challenger Sale methodology. Read or listen to this book if you haven’t already.

For example, when B2B businesses discovered the moneyball method of making B2B sales it changed the game. Now most companies are using hard data to determine where they spend their sales time. But the best B2B salespeople are searching for that next breakthrough.

If you’re not always looking to push forward you’re going to get left behind.

Someone Who Understands the Social Side of Sales

Social media seems to dominate everything, and B2B selling is no exception. It’s a mistake to believe B2B buyers aren’t hanging out on social media, even when they’re not in the office. The decision makers in businesses tend to be switched on even after hours. They are always browsing on the off-chance they come across something that could help their firms.

Great salespeople understand how social media works. They know the situation with Facebook organic reach, they get video marketing platforms like Vine, and they know how to engage people through groups on LinkedIn.

Facebook alone provides you with a billion active users every month. You’re guaranteed to find your audience. Mastery over social media is a powerful skill to have.

Never Giving Up

It can take more brand touches than you think to close a B2B deal. Many salespeople still follow the old way of doing sales. After two or three phone calls they give up because they think they aren’t getting anywhere. Most experts agree it can take five or more brand touches to close that deal because an average of 5.4 people are involved in authorizing a deal.

Tenaciousness and a ‘never give up’ attitude will serve you well. Until someone clearly displays the signs of a lack of interest you still have a chance of making a sale.

Collaboration with the Sales Development Team

B2B salespeople used to succeed based on how well their tongues worked. They had a long list of potential leads and they worked their way through this list over a few days. Most of the time their efforts failed and they didn’t get anywhere. Time is precious and employers realize they can’t waste it.

The sales development team is the gate of your business. Only hot leads go to the sales department, thus making sure conversion rates are much higher.

The best B2B salespeople will work closely with the sales development team. They will work to streamline the whole process and to minimize time wasted on leads that have little chance of converting.

A Commitment to Improvement

There’s a difference between pushing to stay on top of the latest trends and spending some time to reflect on your own performance. A lot of B2B salespeople are multitalented because they are studying formally and informally. They are passionate about what they do and they are determined to perform to a higher standard.

The last thing an employer wants is a B2B seller who shows little interest in what they’re doing. In fact, a poorly motived B2B seller may as well not be working for you at all. Mediocrity shouldn’t symbolize your company, and it shouldn’t be reflected in the sales department.

The successful sellers are always working on what they can do to get better.

Conclusion – Do Your Part

The only way a company can attract the best salespeople is to lay the groundwork for it. Provide a working environment where people are motivated, feel listened to, and feel like they’re part of the team. To get the best you have to be the best in the first place.

What traits do you think a B2B salesperson needs to succeed?

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