The Bulletproof Guide To Become The Master Of B2B Sales

Olin Hyde
August 3, 2016

The world of B2B sales is an lucrative one, and its growth will continue to increase in the coming years. Your success is based on the strategy you employ. Becoming a master of B2B sales isn’t going to happen overnight. You have to work at it.

You are going to learn about some of the things you need to do if you want to become the master of B2B sales in your industry.

Understand Budgetary Concerns

The number one reason why you struggle to close a B2B sale is the prospect isn’t sure they can afford the product or service. You have to convince them that committing their budget to what you have to offer is a good move.

This is about the value proposition. You have to master the art of persuasion to convince them that what you are offering will give them value for money. When you are speaking to your prospect, you must inform them how this product or service is going to repay their investment.

Businesses don’t want to hear sales speak they want to hear about the numbers. One of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is to speak the language of your prospect.

Do You Have Authority?

Businesses know more about the industry than an ordinary member of the general public. And they are going to inspect you before making a purchase. If they feel like you are not qualified to give them a recommendation, they are not going to believe what you say.

So how do you create a sense of authority?

This is where content marketing comes in. Through a combination of white papers, eBooks, and regular blogs you are going to build up your reputation as a person of authority. And that will enable leads to trust you when you are trying to sell your product or service.

There’s also another side to authority. You need to find the person who has the authority on the client’s side. All salespeople need to know the average number of decision makers in a B2B client’s business is over five. The person you are speaking to initially may not be the person who will make the final decision.

It’s important to find the person in charge early on in the relationship to get a decision as fast as possible.

The Need

A common obstacle you will encounter is a lack of surety. The prospect will fail to understand exactly how your offering is useful. The most common sign of this is they will circle back about what your offering does and how it can benefit them.

This is not a problem with the customer this is an indication of you not expressing yourself clearly. Case studies are particularly useful for alleviating this problem. They can help to show your product in action.

You may even want to go further than a case study through crafting a video of a product demonstration. Video marketing is the number one form of content, and it’s equally as effective in B2B marketing.

Time is Everything

With a lot of prospects, they may not want to purchase your full range of products. They could want a certain part of your offering and nothing else. They may also decide to make a purchase from you further down the line.

If you let them escape at this point, the chances are they are going to forget about you. Few prospects will return in this situation. Just look at the fact call-back rates are below 1%.

There’s no time like the present to close the sale. Continue to pile on the pressure and create a sense of urgency. One tactic is to provide a specialized package just for them. Provide them with a discount that expires in the next week or two. Little nudges like this can do a lot to close the deal.

Last Word – It Takes Testing

It takes a lot of testing to refine your B2B marketing techniques. Through understanding these key areas and what customers want, you can acquire trust and provide prospects with what they want. Over time, you will see your strike rates increasing as you become more and more skilled in B2B selling.

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