Why the Traditional Sales Cycle is Broken

Olin Hyde
March 23, 2018

When it comes to traditional sales, it seems the standard method is to push as many prospects through the funnel as quickly as possible until they make a purchase, fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, or whatever “call to action” goal may be. Once they’ve made their way through the cycle, there’s typically little to no interaction until it’s time to run them back through the sales funnel all over again.

“Nurturing” leads, based on the traditional sales cycle, means constant contact via phone calls and email that is more spam than anything else. More often than not, that process causes prospects to jump ship and unsubscribe rather than make another purchase down the road or engage meaningfully. That outcome alone is reason enough to say the traditional sales cycle is broken.

You’ve probably been in your prospect’s shoes before, and if so, you probably hated it. So why would you subject your prospects to the same kind of torture? Can you think of a good reason why you would choose to do sales that way? Unfortunately, most businesses can’t; they just do it because everyone else does it that way, too.

Instead of giving into peer pressure and sticking with the broken cycle, let’s take a look at exactly what’s wrong with the traditional sales cycle and how you can break free from it.

In the traditional sales cycle, people aren’t allowed to buy things on their own time. If you’ve never heard of a brand before or haven’t ever been in the market for what they’re offering, how can you know that you want to buy from them right away? You can’t. Most consumers want to do research before making a final decision, but in the traditional sales cycle, businesses are pushing consumers to make a decision and purchase as fast as they can.

Rather than pressuring your prospects to make an uneducated decision quickly, provide them with the educational resources they need and be available to answer their questions. They’ll feel a lot more confident purchasing from a company that has been straight and walked them through the process without making them feel a time constraint.

Our LeadCrunch[ai] Intelligent Campaigns let you engage with prospects through thought leadership content and can help you have more meaningful interactions with them.

In the traditional sales cycle, people are being pushed to buy things they don’t want. Too many businesses are using a “spray and pray” approach to their sales and marketing. They aren’t narrowing down their target audience or tailoring their ads to appeal to the specific needs of their ideal customers. They’re just throwing stuff out there and aggressively pursuing any leads they get back, even if that person isn’t interested in or doesn’t need their product or service.

Rather than going for quantity, go for quality leads. To do that, it’s important to build clearly focused, narrow target audiences so you can create ads and other materials that are focused on the specific needs of the people who are interested in your products and services.

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In the traditional sales cycle, people aren’t engaged. Businesses may be engaging with prospects, but prospects aren’t being engaged. What do we mean? A lot of businesses will all but harass their prospects, following up with one phone call or email after another, even if they get no response at all. Businesses are “engaging” with prospects, but prospects aren’t enthusiastically answering back.

Rather than following-up to the point your leads are exhausted, provide them with the quality content they need to make a well-informed decision on their own and continue to move through the sales funnel organically. Let them take their time and make up their own mind. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any contact with them; it means your touch points should be meaningful and strategic.

Here at LeadCrunch, our AI Intelligent Campaigns and 360 let you engage with prospects through leadership content, customized marketing, and real human interaction. We help you nurture leads to drive conversions and retain customers.

Although there may be some takeaways from the traditional sales cycle, it’s increasingly ineffective as consumers seek more engaging, personalized content. Too many businesses are overly aggressive and focus on quantity over quality, sacrificing customer experience. The LeadCrunch platform can score your current sales funnel and provide the tools you need to refine your approach, engage with your prospects more meaningfully, drive better results, and fix the broken sales funnel once and for all.

What part of the sales cycle do you struggle with most?

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