How to Use AI to Increase Leads for Your Dropship Business

Olin Hyde
September 8, 2017

Our technological boom – including ever-increasing capabilities of the Internet, automation technology, and more – has created more business opportunities than what was imaginable in past decades. For instance, the rise of ecommerce has given a platform to the dropshipping industry, which allows dropship business owners to sell products as a hobby without having to touch any inventory.

Possibly the best part of this technological age is how well these technologies work together – including in dropshipping. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have made it possible for dropship businesses to boost their lead generation without sacrificing quality or sanity.

Here are a few ways you can use AI to increase leads for your dropship business.

Engage and Filter Leads

The first way artificial intelligence marketing solutions can boost lead generation for dropshippers is perhaps the simplest: by reaching out to them in the first place.

In general, it can take a significant amount of time and resources to contact and engage leads, and some can slip through the cracks. With artificial intelligence tools, however, you won’t miss out on any potential opportunities by having the ability to generate more leads than even the best human worker could. This is probably why 61% of survey respondents report that improved lead generation is the main reason why businesses are investing in AI.

Dropshipping businesses who use AI sales assistants can have the AI engage potential customers in natural conversations via chat functions on the website, as well as reach out to every single potential lead tirelessly. Even better, AI can filter through the leads based on data patterns and come up with a list of leads that are most likely going to buy from your business. This way, you can save time and energy by casting a wide net and having targeted leads to follow up with.

Automate Marketing Messaging

In the dropshipping industry, it gets difficult to make sure that customers recognize your brand. Some dropshippers navigate this by inserting branding into every step of the customer experience like on packaging materials, but there’s also a more technological answer.

To avoid people forgetting about your company, it’s especially important that you regularly target audiences to generate leads. Luckily, artificial intelligence can help with this through marketing automation.

The 49% of companies that are currently using marketing automation can attest to how helpful AI automation can be in keeping their brands present in the public’s minds and generating leads. It’s getting more difficult to catch people’s attention, but using AI to examine users’ information and tailor messaging to them – all automatically – goes a long way in ultimately generating new leads for your dropship business.

Instead of marketers having to write out personalized emails or social media posts that target different segments of an audience, artificial intelligence technology can target each lead, personalize the product or service being offered to them, and regularly send direct messaging to cultivate them. Combining this potential with research on topics like “what is conversion rate optimization” can do wonders for your dropshipping revenues.

Essentially, AI can identify potential customers and turn them into positive leads with minimal human interference.

Use Predictive Analytics

One of the most powerful uses of artificial intelligence technology for dropshipping businesses is for predictive analytics. As user tracking tools become more sophisticated, AI can now track the actions of your website visitors and collect data about users, their demographics, and their activity to predict their purchasing behavior. This way, AI can identify the best time or method to reach out to certain visitors to generate leads.

Basically, AI reviews an extraordinary amount of user data from the past to predict their likely future behavior, allowing you – the dropship business owner – to more efficiently invest resources in the people most likely to make a purchase from your website. This makes it easier to choose what audience is best for a certain type of marketing strategy, helping you create more high-quality leads. If you combine this with automation, this outreach could happen on its own, saving you a significant amount of time and energy.

Even better, predictive marketers are 1.8 times more likely to consistently exceed business goals, making the use of AI to predict consumer behavior a pretty safe bet.

Although plenty of dropship businesses get by without AI technology, artificial intelligence is ripe with opportunities for forward-thinking dropshippers to ramp up their lead generation to a significant degree. As the algorithms behind AI get more sophisticated, so can your dropshipping operations.

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