What Apple Can Teach Your Business About Selling To Other Businesses

Olin Hyde
June 29, 2016


Apple is a company that has made billions out of selling to everyone from businesses to the ordinary people in the street. In the final quarter of 2015 it saw an increase of 28% in revenue. As a B2B business, you may be wondering what you can learn from them.

This guide is going to show you how you can be inspired by Apple and what you can incorporate into your business to increase the volume of your sales and to increase your average B2B deal sizes.

Concentrate on What Matters

The reason why the iPhone became so successful is because Apple focused entirely on the product and nothing else. Every smartphone from every brand is practically the same. The difference with Apple is that they have focused on the little details that make a difference.

This detail is what sets it apart and what has attracted consumers to the product. The lesson you should learn here is that it’s better to concentrate on what the customer actually sees and experiences.

Dedicate your time to perfecting everything keeps you from perfecting and shipping the right things now. For many companies, they are wasting a lot of time and effort on things that don’t impact the product, such as organizing meetings to discuss other meetings.

The Customer Experience Dominates Everything

The second main lesson you have to take into account is that it’s easier to concentrate on your existing customers than to find new ones. In fact, one of the harsh realities of entrepreneurship is just how difficult it is to get loyal new customers.

It’s no secret that Apple relies entirely on its iPhones in order to make sure that it continues to post a profit year-after-year. The reason why they can do this is because they have an army of raving fans that seem to buy everything they make. It all comes down to the user experience.

B2B companies can learn a lot from this. It’s one of the strategies that entrepreneurs can use to improve sales because if you give a reason for customers to love you they will want to be linked with your brand until the end of time.

Executing Well

Steve Jobs always drilled into his workforce that every interaction with every customer mattered. It didn’t matter how small and meaningless the interaction was. He wanted his customers to leave feeling satisfied. And that is all about execution.

Would you have a positive customer interaction if the product you bought constantly broke? It all links back to the product. Create a great product to create a great experience. That’s the definition of executing well.

This is where many B2B businesses fall down because they are unable to postpone a product launch in order to add those vital finishing touches. Become a master of execution without becoming a perfectionist and your clients will love you for it.

Scaling is the Only Thing Worth Doing

Apple designs its products in order to please as many people as possible. They are completely unconcerned with the minority. Their business plan was about finding something a lot of people loved and then scaling. By trying to please the vocal minority, you stand no chance of scaling.

Build your B2B products for a high rate of adoption. It may mean alienating certain minorities, but in the long-term this is going to leave you generating more revenue.

Make your product or service as accessible as possible. This is the key to success in a digital economy where you have the chance to access the whole world.

Build a Team Driven by Data

Steve Jobs dressed like the average guy on the street. Apple never invested in three-piece suits and expensive dinners to woo clients. They had a product that did all the talking. What that should teach you is that the days of silver tongues are over. Everything boils down to customer adoption numbers.

B2B companies need to invest in data gathering technology. Once you have these numbers, you can make decisions. This is predictive sales at its highest level. Rather than investing in wooing your clients, concentrate on finding out what they want and giving it to them.

Data-driven sales, powered by big data, is the equivalent of reading the minds of your customers.

Conclusion – What You Can Learn from Apple

Apple has changed the world and will continue to do so. What you can learn from Apple is to put customer experience first. There’s nothing else more important than that. Make a great product first.

What do you think is the most important B2B lesson you can learn from Apple?

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