Why You Should Consider Using Twitter for B2B Leads

Olin Hyde
April 7, 2016

Twitter is a platform that’s seemingly just for celebrities and people with way too much time on their hands. Businesses have long shunned Twitter as a viable platform, and that means they are leaving money on the table. If you are looking for a way to increase the number of B2B leads you have, this is a social media network you may want to take a second look at.

All Businesses are on Twitter

You have to go where your target audience is. Look up any social media guide and people will tell you that the big two social media networks you absolutely have to be on are Facebook and Twitter. It has the second biggest reach and therefore you can potentially target businesses you had no way of targeting previously.

So why do B2B firms typically shun Twitter?

To put it simply, conversion rates are low. There’s no getting around the fact that you are never going to get conversion rates comparable to other social media platforms like LinkedIn.

But it’s Fast

B2B marketing on Twitter is far less strenuous than on other similar social media networks because you have fewer options to work with. To begin with, you can only ever post sales pitches in public that are 140 characters long. You can do this on the way to work and it requires little time and thought.

The fact that Twitter has so few facilities for B2B businesses means that this is a relatively low-maintenance social media network.

There are Automation Options

It’s rare that you will get a social media expert arguing in favor of using social media automation like Hootsuite to send the same status update to multiple social media network. In Twitter’s case, this is acceptable. Short messages with a call to action and a simple link will look exactly the same on Facebook as it does on Twitter, as long as they’re under 140 characters.

When it’s that easy to work with a platform it makes little sense to abandon it entirely.

There’s Something to This….

An easy way to tell if a social media network is ideal for B2B marketing is to look at how much people are spending. If advertisers are responding, it usually demonstrates that people are getting result. If we go back to the second quarter of 2014, where advertising on Twitter really began to take off, advertising spiked to $220 million. These numbers have sustained, and even grown, since.

So many advertising dollars spend on one network indicates that people are gaining results, but only when they are using the network correctly.

Community Engagement

B2B firms often look at whether they can generate leads when working with a social media network. It’s only natural, but today generating leads is as much about engaging the business community as it is about clever sales pitches. One thing Twitter does incredibly well is community engagement.

The big reason for this is that Twitter is catered towards users who are taking advantage of mobile devices to browse the web. The short nature of status updates allows people to join in with the discussion from anywhere. This makes it an easy platform to generate community engagement, which is no easy thing.

But How Do You Use Twitter for Lead Generation?

You are never going to succeed through posting ads about your products. Studies have shown that people don’t respond to this. You must use Twitter to begin the relationship with your customers. This can be done through commenting on their streams and engaging with their content.

One positive feature that Twitter implemented was the removal of the character limit with personal messages. As soon as possible, take the conversation away from the public eye and into the personal messaging system. From here, you can treat Twitter like LinkedIn and begin to work on your prospect.

Just beware of jumping in too hard and too fast. People don’t like it on Twitter when you do this. They want real B2B relationships.

Conclusion – Twitter is Worth It

There’s no doubt that Twitter is worth it, to a certain extent. It makes sense to use Twitter because it’s so easy to use and people are more likely to be using it from anywhere, increasing your potential reach.

How will you use Twitter for lead generation today?


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