You invest a lot in your content.
It's a shame more people aren't reading it.

So why aren’t they?

  • They don't know you, or your brand
  • They know you, but they don't trust you yet
  • You're not sharing it widely enough
  • Your targeting sucks

It’s a common misconception that if you’re putting out great content, the right people will find it. You may have a crack content marketing team, whipping out blog posts, white papers, compelling data-driven research pieces, but if your target audience isn’t paying attention, you won’t get a return on your investment

Content is expensive. Attention spans are limited. The world is noisy.

Why Content Marketing
Matters for B2B

Content Marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, but it generates 3x as many B2B leads.

Great, engaging content increases brand visibility, thought leadership, organic traffic, and buyer engagement by 72%.

Do the companies you want to do business with know who you are? Do they trust you?

If your target audience doesn’t know you - or worse, doesn’t trust you - they won’t do business with you. Good content syndication removes this obstacle - introducing you as a thought leader, and positioning your products or services in front of the people you want to do business with. So when they’re ready to buy, you come to mind.

Maximize your content marketing budget, fill your pipeline, cement your reputation as a thought leader.

Much of the Content
Syndication out there is
Questionable. Here's how
we're different

Most content syndication companies overcharge and under-deliver. How so?

When you contract with a content syndication company or web content publisher, you’ll get a promised amount of impressions for your spend. Impressions sound very impressive - but how many of those ‘impressions’ are going to end up converting?

Honestly, not a lot. It’s a shockingly small amount actually. You’re paying a premium to get in front of people who aren’t interested and aren’t buying.

Impressions don’t matter, people do. Really specific people.

With LeadCrunch, we use artificial intelligence and better B2B data to identify your next best customer.

You provide a list of your best customers. We analyze what they’ve got in common - job titles, company size, and a host of other custom parameters - and we create a B2B lookalike audience.

Then, we quality check each lead with a 17-point verification process so they’re primed and ready for your content to arrive in their email.

Below are a sample of companies that have leveraged our Direct Content Marketing approach.
B2b content syndication client logos