The LeadCrunch Lead
Quality Guarantee

Value, not volume

As B2B Marketers — and the people we report to — we’ve gotten addicted to volume. The more leads we get, the better, right?

Not so fast. (You already know this.)

Yes, high numbers look good. But conversion rates aren’t budging. And when it comes down to it — conversion rates impact revenue. Gulp. Now, that’s something the C-suite is definitely paying attention to.

So, how do we bridge the gap? By focusing on lead quality.

Because lead quality matters.

How do we guarantee our leads?

No duplicates

Suppression list check

AMB check

Email verification

Phone number validation

Live outbound call to verify person and company (that’s right, a real human)

LinkedIn verification (right person, right title, right company? Check, check, check)

Format check (the info you want, the format you’re using)

Compliance check Insertion order compliance check on every lead

Yeah, we know. A lot of lead vendors send over a whole lot of fluff that you’re paying for and you make the best of it, because that’s as good as it gets, right?

We think that’s not good enough. You can count on LeadCrunch leads being more accurate — more likely to buy what you’re selling — because we jump through hoops to guarantee they’re a higher quality than you’re used to getting from other lead vendors.

Direct Content Marketing Guarantee

Unlike other lead gen vendors, we go the extra step to ensure that the leads you receive are the right fit with our Direct Content Marketing process.
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In addition to an initial email verification, we use a second system to email your content to prospects, and track their engagement. All while ensuring that we comply to state and federal legal guidelines set for email marketing campaigns.
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Lead Quality FAQs

How does improving lead quality impact my other marketing strategies?

You might be surprised at what happens when you improve the quality of the leads you’re working with. All the other B2B marketing efforts you’re employing also start seeing a measurable uptick in ROI. Why? Because you have greater insight into who your best prospects are - and how your product or service meets their needs. So you can create and improve marketing campaigns that speak directly to their pain points and move them through the sales funnel at a faster velocity.

What about lead quantity?

Quality and quantity don’t have to be mutually exclusive — you’ve got goals to meet and a set number of leads to deliver every month, we get that. Our team is able to meet some pretty audacious lead volume goals that our clients set — and by deadline. We’ll be honest though, you’ll have so many good quality leads to pass along to your sales reps, you might need to hire a bigger team to handle them all.

How can I be sure you’re going to deliver a high quality lead? How are you measuring lead quality?

We use B2B data, and a lot of it, that’s custom built for our Artificial Intelligence engine. Which results in targeting that’s light years beyond the traditional firmographic approach. Why? Because headcount, revenue and industry is data that B2B marketers have been using for decades, and conversion rates are still static. Sales teams still gripe about lead quality. And conversion rates haven’t budged much.

We offer our lead quality guarantee because we know a lot more about the leads we’re sending you. We run your seed list of best customers — however you define best — into our AI engine to uncover deeper insights. Correlations that, in the words of a happy, longtime LeadCrunch client, he wouldn’t have found “in a million years.”

But we don’t stop after our initial lead delivery. After we complete your pilot campaign, we’ll run your results back into the engine — and with machine learning, progressive campaigns get better and better.

Can LeadCrunch help with lead nurturing?

Funny you should ask. In fact, we do help with lead nurturing. In addition to offering B2B lookalike audiences, we excel at B2B Direct Content Marketing. Your great content, presented to our AI-generated list of high-quality leads.