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Two-Touch Leads

Two-touch lead nurturing maximizes lead engagement. Here we take leads through 2 opt-in steps to ensure that we only pass over leads with a deep level of interest. From there leads are taken through a dynamic email nurture cadence, where they are delivered 2 additional emails of your content to increase exposure to your brand.
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Initial Opt In

A potential lead will be contacted via phone or email where they must express interest as well as opt in to receive your content.

If phone outreach, the prospect must opt in to receive the content during the call.

If email outreach, the prospect must download the content to be considered opted-in.

Secondary Opt In

The same contact that had previously opted-in will now receive additional marketing emails. These emails will give the contact the opportunity to download more content.

The prospect must download an additional content piece in order to move to the following steps.

Email Nurture A

The prospect will receive an email where they receive additional content and information. No download is required at this stage.

Email Nurture B

The prospect receives their final email. They are sent additional content, once again putting your name in front of the lead.

As with all steps, the prospect is given the opportunity to opt out of any further communication.

The Lead Gen Problem
that We Solve

LeadCrunch’s industry leading B2B lookalike marketing campaigns use over 20 billion data points to target accounts that look like your best customers. All it takes is a list of 50 to 500 of your best customers and our lookalike engine does the rest.

We use proprietary and patented AI and machine learning algorithms to identify businesses just like your best customers. Then we engage those customers with your content and generate leads for you.

Industry Leading 99.5% Lead
Accuracy and Acceptance Rate

Human, machine, and AI-based systems verify every lead and account to ensure accuracy and privacy compliance.
Our QA Process

AI Targeting Made for a
Continuously Evolving Market

Hypertargeting makes ABM more effective by increasing the available market by finding ideal prospects that are missed by ABM lists.
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