Virtual Event Registrations

Get registered attendees to your webinars or other virtual events. Here we create a landing page to collect form fill registrations, then drive potential attendees to that page via an email campaign. Landing pages are optimized throughout the campaign to maximize the number of attendees.
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We generate a custom landing page with the purpose of collecting form fill registrations for your virtual event.
An email marketing campaign is run into your audience, driving traffic to the landing page
Continuous optimizations are made to the page over the course of the campaign to maximize registrations.
Pay for registrations alone. There is no upfront cost to run your campaign, you are only billed according to who registered.

The Event Registration
Problem that
LeadCrunch Solves

LeadCrunch’s industry leading B2B lookalike marketing campaigns use over 20 billion data points to target accounts that look like your best customers. All it takes is a list of 50 to 500 of your best customers and our lookalike engine does the rest.

We use proprietary and patented AI and machine learning algorithms to identify businesses just like your best customers. Then we engage those customers with your content and generate leads for you.

Industry Leading 99.5% Lead
Accuracy and Acceptance Rate

Human, machine, and AI-based systems verify every lead and account to ensure accuracy and privacy compliance.
Our QA Process

AI Targeting Made for a
Continuously Evolving Market

Hypertargeting makes ABM more effective by increasing the available market by finding ideal prospects that are missed by ABM lists.
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